Osprey are catching alewives…and so are herons and cormorants!

Cormorants fish in groups and, as such, they are lethal predators. They are catching fish in the bay, as are Osprey and Great Blue Herons. In the evenings we’ve heard fish flipping by the railroad trestle on several occasions. There is no doubt, alewives will be in the fish ladder soon, especially if these warm sunny days continue.
Jeff Pierce, head of the Alewife Harvesters of Maine, reports that alewives have entered the Eastern River in Dresden and he has begun harvest operations. Jeff’s run is often one of the first to have fish and other runs soon follow. We expect to be harvesting alewives in Damariscotta Mills in two weeks at the most. Stay tuned!

Just a heads up about visiting the fish ladder. We are trying to figure out how to make trips to the fish ladder safe and it’s not easy. Please follow all state guidelines if you visit.