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About the Restoration Team

The Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder Restoration — now expanded to include the revitalization of public pathways as well as the fish house and its environs — is being carried out by a dedicated community group in collaboration with the towns of Nobleboro and Newcastle and the Nobleboro Historical Society. Team leadership includes David Brydges, Festival Director, Laurel Ames, Treasurer, and Deb Wilson and Mark Becker, project managers. In addition, two volunteer groups are integral to the success of the project: the leadership group, which includes a team of about 25 neighbors and friends, and the volunteer event team. The leadership group has spent countless hours attending meetings, planning for and running fundraising events, and serving as the steering committee for both fundraising and work projects.   The event volunteers, including several hundred neighbors and friends, help run fundraising events, bake and cook as needed, and carry out other “behind-the-scenes” work.  The restoration couldn’t have happened without the strong commitment and enthusiasm of such a great group of people!