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Maintenance has been a challenge in the last two years of canceled festivals so a great big thanks to all who have helped us keep some forward momentum.

On this page we recognize those who have made financial contributions to the fish ladder in the last two years. We are very grateful for this help and we are putting your donations to good use as you can see under Restoration.

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2020 – Bridge the Gap Campaign


Colby & Gale, Inc.

Lincoln Health-Maine Health

Maine Community Foundation

Cheney Insurance

Newcastle Vacation Rentals

Newcastle Realty

Friends of the Fish Ladder 

George Weston

John Madden

Edwin Collins

Timothy & Linda Carroll

David & Betty Lu Brydges

Eleanor & Peter Kuniholm

Scott Clavenna

All those who gave at our Kiosks

2021 – Bridge the Gap Campaign

Friends of the Fish Ladder:

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gaven

Barbara Briggs

Mary Hart

George Weston

Mary & Ed Bartlett

Joyce Brown

Marie Hall

Eleanor & Peter Kuniholm

Allan Hull

Valerie Velho

Marshall Spear & Family

Herbert Eilberg

All those who gave at the Kiosks

In Celebration of George Weston’s 100th Birthday!

Ellen Coyne

Karen Paz & Family

Alan Baldwin & Family

Cecile Horowitz

Bronwen Boe

Heather Wolfe & Dan Friedland

Jordon Friedland

Ann Holton

Sarah Starr

Jessie Butler

David & Betty Lu Brydges

Thomas & Catherine Lyons

Edwin & Mary Martha Collins

Susan & George Mason

Laurel & Ken Ames

Sharon & Leigh Morrill

Martin & Betty Welt

Susan Lemos

Marianna Tupper

Bob & Dru Barkalow

Peter Salmansohn

MJ Buchan & Sally Mulligan

Barbara Briggs

Marion Munday & George Bigelow

Deb Wilson & Mark Becker

Dick & Mary Chase

Mary Sheldon

Mariellen Whelan

Sally Taylor

Rachel & Jay Zoller

Kathleen Mulligan & David Studwell

Christine Ruffley & Bruce Allensworth

Jeanie Ruffley

Glenn Kessler and Nancy Murray

Robert John

Carolyn Molleur

Russ & Diana Williams

Carolyn Hardman

Tom & Diana Curtis

Marianne Pinkham

Mary Ellen Anderson

Tam Green

John & Ellen Whalley

Laurel McBurnie

Sarah Birket

William Farren

Arthur Hatch

Margaret Dow & George Ricker & Family

Richard & Susan Powell

Eleanor O’Donnell

Charles Walsh

Catherine Graham

Paula and Mike Christensen

Jamie Banks & Family

Janice Kirby

Joyce Brown (Derik & Ellie Chapman)

Richard & Lucy Gaven

Susan Wicks & Jon Knight

Nobleboro Historical Society

Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust

In Memory of Barbara Betts 

Betty Lu & David Brydges

MJ Buchan & Sally Mulligan

Ken & Laurel Ames

Priscilla McCandless & Stephen Vowles

Anne & Paul Trottier

Anne Thompson

Shirley Gallagher

Michael & Salley Pelillo

Heather Wolfe & Dan Friedland

Mark Becker & Deb Wilson

David Johnson

Kathleen Mulligan & David Studwell

Christine Ruffley

Susan Kelley

Mary & Dick Chase