Visiting the Fish Ladder, 2021

The alewives are here–at least they came in strong for the past two days but this morning the entrance and lower pools are empty. So it often goes in the early days of the run.

Can you visit this year and, because of Covid, what are the rules? The fish ladder is open to the public this year and people may visit anytime during daylight hours. That said, we ask that visitors honor our Maine CDC guidelines: wear a mask when visiting (the paths are narrow in places and its almost impossible to stay 6 ft from others) and practice social distancing (stay 6 ft from others whenever possible).

More alewives my come in later today or tomorrow morning or they may wait a few days or even a week until temperatures warm up a bit. Either way, please visit … and follow the Maine CDC guidelines … and we’ll have a safe and wonderful season at the Damariscotta Mills fish ladder!