Quilt raffle winning ticket is #1265

The draw took place today a little after 9:30am at the Nobleboro Historical Society.  The star of the show was the three year old granddaughter of one of our committee members. She boldly reached into the Big Jug containing 620 ticket stubs and took out #1265.  In her audience was a Mr Bryant of Pennsylvania who says

‘As a child growing up in “The Mills”, I spent many hours playing on and around the fish ladder, watching the Alewives struggle to get to the lake, while marveling at their beauty, grace and determination’.

He had bought a lot of tickets, but not enough to make his odds good, yet #1265 was one of his tickets.

A big THANK-YOU to all participants in the raffle and to Betty Lu Brydges, who donated the quilt. The raffle has raised $2670 for the Bridge the Gap Campaign at https://damariscottamills.org/ moving us towards replacing an aging, critical, part of the Fish Ladder walkways. This will ensure the public can continue to view the Fish Ladder up-close for a long time to come.  See you next year at the Fish Run!