May 13 We have alewives….and more alewives!

The run is fully underway now. Alewives have moved up into every pool in the fish ladder and many are passing into the lake to spawn.  We’ve been harvesting since Wednesday and many lobstermen have left with totes full of fish, which are the very best bait! Osprey are diving for fish right by the fish house and out in the bay. As the alewives get toward the entrance to the fish ladder, the fish must run a gauntlet of gulls, who grab fish as they pass and once caught, several gulls often get into a tug-of-war (the fish in the middle) with the successful gull.  I know many people enjoy watching the gull show but for me, after working hard for the past 16 years to restore the fish ladder and the alewife population, it’s not a pleasing sight. That said….it’s a great time to visit the Damariscotta Mills fish ladder!