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Thank You!

A recognition

A great big thanks to all who have helped make the Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder Restoration a success! It couldn’t happen without each and every one of you.

On this page we recognize those who have made financial contributions to the fish ladder. We are very, very grateful for this help—the project couldn’t happen without this wonderful support. We also want to say thanks to the many, many individuals and businesses who donated their time, baked goods, baked beans, photographs….the list is long and it would be almost impossible to list all the help we’ve received. Those contributions are equally important and we are very, very appreciative! That said….special thanks to:


Horizon Foundation
The Davis Conservation Foundation
Fields Pond Foundation
Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
Edward Myers Conservation Fund – Pemaquid Oyster Festival
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
                                            The Rise of the River Herring

Organizations & Businesses:

Town of Nobleboro
Town of Newcastle
Nobleboro Historical Society
Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association
Damariscotta River Association
Ridgewood Power Management
Hagar Enterprises
Postal Center USA
Round Top Ice Cream
Colby & Gale
The Village Store
Mulligan’s Smoked Alewives
The Salt Pig
Kieve-Wavus Education, Inc.
Yellowfront Grocery
Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker
Becker Construction
Tile Connection
Challenge Match for Myers Conservation Fund:
LL Bean
First National Bank – Damariscotta
Lincoln Medical Partners
Bunker Hill Sound
Wright Pierce Engineers
D.L. Geary Brewing Co.
Sheepscot Valley Brewing
The Roberts Family & Lincoln County News

Special Friends:

Lise Aubry
The Lundgren Family
Larry Townley
John Montorisi and the A-Team
George Weston
Hugh C. Riddleberger and Louise W. McIlhenny
Allan and Peggy Sumerfield
The Judd Family & Friends, In memory of William H. Judd Jr.
Friends in memory of Harry Hopewell
Malcolm Oliver in memory of Hoopie Waltz
In memory of Kenneth Schuler
Mary Senter Hart
George and Elaine Keyes
Friends & Family of Melissa Laser
Friends & Family of Mildred Betts
Ed Bartlett
James Nevels
Richard & Nancy Kennedy
In Memory of Wade Bailey, Shirley Woodcock, Helen Tetu, Peter & Judith Lawrence, Roslyn Strong, CFG Community Bank & Amy Bauer, Lou Bailey

Sponsor a Stone:

Lynn & Robert Dains
Dara & John Carberg
Donald Stanley

Carol Andrews in the name of Ronald Andrews

Joan Gregoire

Joan & Malcolm Campbell

Marjorie & Robert Gillie, 2 Stones

Sabra Forsberg, 8 Stones in the names of her family

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Brush, 2 stones

Paul & Arlene Woodard

Ed & Carol Knapp

Carl & Robin Middleton in memory of Alex

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Garren

Charles Stepnowski

Mariellen Whelan

Charles & Becky Benton 3 Stones

Joseph & Lillian Garcia 3 Stones

Rebecca Recor 3 Stones

Rose Bensen 2 stones

Elizabeth Tsamparlis

Tom & Linda Archambault

Bud & Joan Hancock

Cynthia Reber Smith

Mary Hall 2 stones

Susan Tobin & Rika Smith 2 stones

Ellin & Stephen Sheehy 2 stones

Deborah Haviland

Suzanne & Nicholas Vitale

Marsha Rheubottom

Jim & Betsy Banks 2 stones

Brenda L. Kohl

Ann O’Brien

Stephen & Catherine Reno

Jenny Larkin

Jennifer & John – REJJ

Suzanna & Philip Lasker

William Leavenworth

Stephen Lane

David & Lauren Oeser

Robert & Cynthia Smith

Suzanne Dwyer

Michelle Avicoll

Tim & Linda Healy 2 stones

Joshua Hartzog

Dennis & Susan Wennerberg

Keith Carver

Betty Mildrum

Ilse Fuchs

Andrew & Nina Roth-Wells

Carolyn Landau

Diana & Paul Stevens

Barbara Fruin in memory of Bill Fruin

Sponsor a Boulder:

Melissa M. Coleman

Jim Hartenstein

John Kritzer

Barbara & Arnold Briggs

Mary & Peter Johnson

Herb Luther

Tom & Sally MaGill

Mary Hart

Nancy Williams

Ellen & Allan Fisher

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Johnson

Rose Bensen – 2 boulders

Michael Carnes

George Keyes – 2 boulders

Patricia Kiley in the name of Robert P. Kiley

Kathleen Zambello

Marty & Betty Welt

William & Jeanne Johnson

John Hilton

Nathaniel Wilson

The Scollo Family

Lillian M. Ryan

Rachel Richardson-Zoller

Denise Carr

Bill & Ann Mallory – 2 boulders

Brian Manns – 2 boulders

In honor of Janet Friedland’s 75th

Jim & Pat Skilling

Mid-Coast Energy Systems

Andrew & Nina Roth-Wells – 2 boulders

To honor Heather Wolfe, Dan & Jordan Friedland

Denise Soucy & Ned Steinberger

Colby & Gale

Jim & Sarah Birkett

Thomas and Barbara Lally

2 Boulders to honor Carlton & Sara Rauschenberg

Thomas & Barbara Lally

William & Harriet Brush

Dennis Hilton

George & Anna Shaw

John Hilton – in memory of Hoopie Waltz

Martha Scudder

Janice Kirby

John Kindred 2 boulders

Russ & Diana Williams

Charles Richards

Gail Fels

Thomas & Sally MaGill

Kathleen Fagan

Kenneth and Margaret Schuler – “In memory of my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Fennell P. Turner, who loved Damariscotta Lake and wildlife.”

In honor of Alan & Sue Peterson

Sponsor a Wall:

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Owens

Sponsor a Weir:

John Dickerson & Karolina Adam

Nancy & Dick Kennedy

Sponsor a Pool: